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Every producer knows the excitement of starting a new project, but chances are you also know the flip side of the coin where distractions or new ideas ultimately lead to the slight disregard of a project. Now it’s laying around somewhere on your hard drive, waiting to be found again. Seem familiar? But here’s the ticket; there’re other producers that may have great ideas for your unused music, and as such, cash for your wallet.

How do you connect with them in a safe and credited environment you ask?

Well everyone knows the creative process is nothing but organized chaos, and Projectknob provides not only the organization you need, but also a platform for producers to rendezvous and bring the best out of themselves and their work.

Projectknob helps producers in two ways:

  • producers can sell projects and earn money by doing what they love
  • producers can buy projects and start working on them immediately
  • Win Win


1. Upload your music projects

Create your account
It takes only 30 seconds to sign up for an account. Fill in the required fields and you are good to go.

Upload projects
Once your account is set up, upload your music projects directly from your dashboard. Give your projects a title, add a short description, set a purchase limit and fill in what plugins you have used.
We support: FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Propellerhead Reason and Cubase.

Wait for approval
We will check every project to see if it matches with your demo file. We do this individually for every project before publishing them on our platform. This guarantees buyers that they get the project they pay for.


Upload your music projects
Browse music projects for DAWs like FL Studio

2. Wait for your project to be purchased

The hunt
There are many creative minds on our platform that may have a great idea for your project. They will be hunting for projects to buy; maybe yours will be next.

We really want to help. This is the reason we feature projects we dig on our homepage. Your project will get a lot more exposure this way.

Share it
Every project and store has a personal link. If you share your links you will have more chances to sell your project.


3. Get paid

You sold your project? Cool! We will delete your project from our platform when you have reached the download limit that you have set. This guarantees the buyer that there are a specific amount of projects, so he can start working on his new project.

Projectknob works on a commission system. If you don’t have any sales, you will have absolutely no costs, no paying options, no premium accounts or anything owed whatsoever. Your creative mind made your project, so you deserve to have the biggest chunk. We only take 10% of each sale, leaving you with 90%(excluding Paypal fees).

Paying out
Statements will be paid out instantly. So make sure you have set the correct Paypal email at all times. Since you are a vendor, your Paypal email must be verified to receive your hard earned money.


Earn money by selling your music projects

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"Producing music is the creative process of organized chaos."

Keep creative,

The blacklogo team